RCEA LLC was created to serve our community. We are real estate investors focused on finding creative win-win solutions to help homeowners find their way through tough situations. Sometimes life happens and your home becomes your headache. Whether you’re going through a divorce, foreclosure, probate, have problem tenants or just own a home that has become a burden, we can help. RCEA LLC is a real estate solutions company that buys houses Nationwide. We’re a family owned company and treat all of our clients with respect. We are here to help you sell your house faster than a typical home sale, while avoiding extra out of pocket expenses like costly repairs, appraisals and agent fees. We offer convenient flexible terms that work for both parties involved. RCEA LLC is here to help you navigate through troubled water. No matter what your situation, we would love to talk to you about real estate solutions. We look forward to serving you.

Real Estate Solutions