RCEA LLC Reviews

Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your Tucson AZ house to a direct cash buyer like RCEA LLC may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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Knowledgeable, Helpful, and had Best Interests at Heart.

“Having dealt personally with the company, I can say they are very knowledgeable about the process, and do their very best to help you. Questions are answered candidly, and the company has been very fast in their response. Overall, if you are looking for a company that has your best interest at heart and get the job done, I would highly recommend RCEA LLC.”

Dominic Daoud

“A cash offer goes faster, with less risk for the seller … A cash offer is a stronger offer … Cash sales have lower costs.”